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Canadians of all ages and backgrounds rely on the internet to make their purchasing decisions. Whether they choose to order online or simply use the internet as a catalogue and guidebook, they are far more likely to purchase from a company with a website than one without.

Thankfully, creating your organization’s online presence is as cost-effective as it is important. We make this process fun and easy and you are able to be as involved in the development process as you would like.

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web design iconWhy Choose Us?

Manitoba organizations come to us for web design help because of our intense commitment to serving our clients ethically. This means that we provide exceptional service at a fair price and never take advantage of our clients’ trust in us.

All of our website designs are built from the ground up to look great on any device from smartphones to high-resolution monitors, ensuring that your customers get a great first impression of your company regardless of how they found your site. We can build anything from a simple brochure-style site to a feature-packed online store or web application. Best of all, our sites are built on top of easy-to-use content-management systems that allow even non­technical users to manage their own site after launch.

web design iconOur Web Design Features

Below are just a few of the most important features that come standard on all of our website design packages and custom work. If we forgot to mention something that is important to you please get in touch to let us know how we can help.

Website Features Why It's Important
Entirely custom website designs Your website will stand out from those of your competitors and will match your exact vision. No "cookie-cutter" templates for our clients.
We give you full access to your source code Unlike some web development agencies we do not lock our clients into unwanted licensing arrangements. When you have us create a website we deliver a finished product that you can do with as you please. No ongoing monthly fees and no “buyout” required.
Mobile-friendly websites at no additional cost Canadian consumers are spending more time overall using mobile devices to browse the internet - having a mobile-optimized website will ensure that you are giving them a user experience that will keep them coming back.
Built on easy-to-use content management software This makes it easy for you or your staff to make blog posts or other simple updates to your site without having to hire specialized help.
Free in-person training anywhere in Winnipeg or Southern Manitoba to familiarize you with how your site works As a business owner you may place some importance on being self-reliant and when it comes to our clients’ websites we make sure that this can happen. We teach you or your staff how to use the admin pages of your new website to make basic updates or generate reports.
Free ongoing phone and email support Forget how to make a blog post on your new site? Call us up and we’ll walk you through the process at no cost.
Search-engine optimized websites We pay attention to how our clients’ websites will look to search engines and help you prepare content that will increase your site’s ranking on Google and other search engines.
We do more than just build websites We are much more than just a web design agency. You can come to us for help with any creative or technical problems that your organization may face. Think of us as your go-to “computer people.”
You’re working with people that you can trust We genuinely believe that long-term success comes from treating people right. We always do our best to do the right thing for our clients.

web design iconServing Winnipeg and Southern Manitoba

We are a company that loves working with technology, but we also love to work with people. We believe in meeting our clients face to face and are happy to travel anywhere in Winnipeg or Southern Manitoba to meet you on your own terms. Maybe it's a little "old fashion" but we feel that we can best offer our web design services by interacting with you in person and seeing your business or organization with our own eyes.

We're always happy to answer your questions by phone or email but when it comes to teaching you how to use your new website we like to make this happen face to face. All of our website packages include a free in-person training session at your convenience anywhere in Southern Manitoba. We're always here to help but we believe in arming our clients with the knowledge they need to be as self-sufficient as they'd like. We mean business when we say that we're all about "people helping people."


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We are devoted to being the most customer-friendly Winnipeg web design professionals in town. Our initial consultations are always completely free, zero-pressure, and we'd be happy to meet at your own office anywhere in Southern Manitoba. Please get in touch if you'd like to learn more or are ready to start talking ideas about your new website.

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