Business Consulting

consultation-iconBusiness Consulting & Implementation

Consulting stands at the heart of how we interact with our clients. We will happily lend you our expert advice whether you have chosen to work with us specifically in a consulting role or simply to deliver one of our individualized solutions. Perhaps more importantly, we explicitly understand that our clients are the true experts when it comes to their business or organization and we treat our consulting as a partnership rather than a stand­off.

While we can advise and problem-solve for a broad range of concerns, we specialize in creative and technology-based solutions. Those clients who bring us on to advise have always been impressed by the depth of our knowledge and our ability to meet or exceed their expectations in arriving at customized solutions. We will make certain that your consulting arrangement with Head Forward results in a more modern and streamlined open.

Beyond consulting and strategic planning we are able to fully implement all proposed solutions in-house or through our partnering agencies. This leaves you with the time that you need to actually run your organization while we help you to expand it.


Modernizing Business Processes & IT.

Done right, adopting modern technology-focused business practices can streamline your business and drive growth. Incorrectly managed, this transition can lead to stagnation or worse.

We are experts in blending innovative technology with creative problem-solving. If you are ready to make the leap into modernizing your organization we can help. From remote workforces to running your business from “the cloud” we have the tools necessary to make your transition a success.

Social, Economic, and Technological Trends

With technological innovation comes changing customer buying habits, new ideas about privacy, and a general overhaul of the business environment. Many small and mid-sized organizations are finding it difficult to keep up to date with this changing business landscape. We can help.

We keep our knowledge on the cutting edge regarding major trends which can or will affect Canadian businesses in the months or years to come. We work with our clients to help mitigate the downsides and capitalize on the opportunities that these trends will create.

Political and Legal Frameworks

The legal systems of Canada and the international community cannot possibly keep pace with technological trends but our laws are steadily inching forward into this uncharted territory. Somewhere between provincial privacy laws or federal anti-SPAM legislation, your organization is bound to find itself impacted by these new laws at some point.

While formal legal advice should always be sought when relevant, we keep ourselves and our clients up to date on the business ramifications posed by this developing body of law.